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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Hello, Is There Anybody Out There?

So my fairly new iPhone SE has decided I don’t actually need to hear the people I’m trying to talk to.  A few weeks after I first upgraded from the iPhone4 to the SE, people told me they were having trouble hearing me. Not everyone had this issue, but several did, and the only thing that worked was talking to them on the speaker. Or calling them back on my landline – yes, no surprise here that I still have one. But I had no trouble hearing anyone until a few weeks ago. Suddenly, it seemed that no one wanted to talk to me when I called them. Or when they called me. It sometimes takes me awhile to pick up on things, but I finally realized that they were talking, I just couldn’t hear them. And guess what I finally found out? The only way I could hear anyone was to put them on speaker! So I called my phone carrier and they did a diagnosis through an app I was told to download, and there is in fact a defect causing this issue. I was told I had two choices.
First choice: They’ll send me a refurbished phone for free and I have to return the one I currently have so I don’t get charged.
Second choice: I can go to the Apple store and see if they can fix it there. I would love to just pop into the Apple store if it were like a normal store, instead of it always being filled with wall-to-wall (very young) people, and quite  intimidating. So I was leaning toward the first option.
However, I questioned the word refurbished. The rep assured me the phone was new. I told him that was impossible since new and refurbished are mutually exclusive. If it’s new, it can’t be refurbished. Because it’s new. If it’s refurbished, it can’t be new. Because it’s refurbished. It took several tries of me repeating these two points until the rep grudgingly agreed with me. I said that since the phone was defective and under warranty, I should get a new phone and not a used one. He told me refurbished was as good as new. I politely disagreed and told him I’d think about it.
So my question is, do I accept refurbished? Do I attempt repair at the Apple store? Or do I resign myself to contact only by shouting into the speaker? This dilemma has left me unable to make a decision at all. I suppose there is another option – just texting and foregoing the possibility of human contact. That’s the wave of the future anyway, isn’t it?
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