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When I park in a large parking lot, I try to park towards the back, away from other cars, mostly because I can add in a few extra steps that will show up on my Fitbit. But also because I prefer being away from all the drivers who frantically drive up and down every aisle looking for parking spots not more than 10 steps away from the doorway, who will wait behind your car and honk to remind you that they’re there until you back out, even if you haven’t had a chance to buckle up yet.

So today, I created my own little slice of the world when I parked my car as far from the entrance as possible while remaining in the same zip code. When I returned from running my errands, I discovered that a behemoth was parked next to me on the driver’s side of my car, in spite of the fact there were plenty of other spaces available. The person driving this monstrosity had apparently made sure there was plenty of room on the driver’s side of their vehicle to exit comfortably by parking all the way to the right of their allotted space, and slightly over the line. I’m guessing they didn’t have a passenger, unless it was Flat Stanley. I stared at the distance between their vehicle and mine, trying to calculate how much I had eaten for breakfast, and if I’d be able to hold my breath and squeeze through the tiny opening and into the driver’s seat. While the temptation was great to continuously slam my car door into theirs, you will be proud to know I didn’t succumb to my baser instincts and I did manage to slither into my car, with no damage to anyone’s vehicle.

But come on, people! Unless you have ten kids, do you actually need a vehicle as big as a tank? And if you do have ten kids, try to have a little consideration when you park the thing. Because next time, I might be eating a bigger breakfast before I head out and then we’ll both be in trouble!

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