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This is a poem I wrote in September of 2001 as a response to the attacks on our country. Never forget. september-11-2001-1


On the last day of life as we knew it
Madness rained down from the sky
Horror took over our lives
The heavens let out a great cry

Mountains of glass and of metal
Once towered so proudly, so grand
Watching over a glorious city
Monuments to our great land

In one moment of terrible evil
The earth shattered, blow after blow
Now a skeleton teeters above
The abyss gapes madly below

Paeans to hope and to dreams
Lie mangled and so cruelly lost
Shrouded in blankets of ashes and dust
At such an unthinkable cost

Our hearts are burning and tortured
Our souls fill with torment and pain
The ache is so vast and unyielding
A kingdom where anguish now reigns

Life upon life upon life now gone
So suddenly, cruelly no more
We cry out in anger in fear and in rage
Our beings shake to the core

Our tears flow freely in torrents
Transform into rivers of pain
Wash over our land in the knowledge
That what was will never be again

But we see the heroes among us
Who emerge from the darkness so bleak
They light the way to find healing
And deliver the pride that we seek

For we are the steel
Though twisted and bent
And smoldering in the ruins
Our wills are of iron
Our souls filled with pain
No bandage can cover the wounds

But breath shall once again lift us
Like the Phoenix, we too shall rise
As we grasp onto our precious memories
Of our dear ones and silent goodbyes

Let our spirits lift up now in chorus
Let our voices reach to the heavens above
Let us be one nation united
Instead of breaking, we will heal now through love

Copyright Nancy Machlis Rechtman, all rights reserved


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  1. Beautiful reminder, Nancy. I praise God every year on September 11 that He allowed my son-in-law to live through the experience and come home to his family–my daughter (his wife) and my precious 3 mos old grandson. We will be eternally thankful.

    • Thanks, Vonda – I’m so glad your son-in-law survived the horror of that day. In spite of it being 13 years, the emotions are still so raw when looking at the footage, or hearing the names of those lost read. Thank you for commenting and sharing a good thing about that day.

  2. I really like this! Thank you for sending it to me!

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